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Synergy is a popular word to throw around, but what does it really mean? For your business, synergy is vital to your success. Simply put, synergy is experienced when two or more people collaborate on a project or problem and come to a solution that is better than the sum of their parts. In other words, a successful synergetic meeting will result in a product or idea that could not have been produced by any one individual who worked on that problem. The beauty is in the teamwork and cooperation, and it can be a powerful tool for any business.


Synergy at work - Effective communication

Communication is key to good synergy. Synergy can only occur when each member of the group is communicating clearly and contributing meaningfully. The idea is to listen to everyone in order to blend each individual talent and idea into a whole. In order to produce something greater than any one person could, ideas must be shared in open communication together.


Synergy at work - Efficient work

Synergy is a friend to efficiency. All businesses need efficiency to thrive and avoid wasted costs. Synergy increases efficiency in the workplace by incorporating all the skills and products of the employees into a combined effort towards a company mission. Synergy eliminates duplication and streamlines the work. When everyone is communicating and working together towards a common goal, a synergistic environment is created, and efficiency reigns.


Synergy at work - Cooperation with your team

Synergy is impossible without the cooperation of every team member involved. Whether working on a small group project or a company-wide initiative, cooperation is key to successful synergy. Team members must be willing to share ideas, compromise on issues, and work together to come to the best solutions. When cooperation is exercised, synergy is increased.